Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge: Day 12 - Cardio Countdown

Make Fat Cry Challenge

 Format: use a 1-12-1 rep scheme, alternating moves; take minimal rest as needed


1- Box Jumps

- use a box that is a comfortable height for you - it can be lower or higher than mine - squat down using good squat form - load your heels and explode up - land with a soft bend in your knees and then stand up - jump or step back to the floor - MOD: step up and down on the box instead of jumping - just do body squat jumps if stepping is too hard on your knees.


2- Push-Ups

- start in a tall plank position, core tight and hips level - do a push-up, making sure not to let your back arch - MOD: use your knees, but keep proper form - you can also do incline push-ups to take some of the pressure off your shoulders OR you can do push-ups with your hands on the box on your knees or toes as shown


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