Bodyrock Intermediate Bootcamp-Day 3:PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN

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Day 3:
Push Through
The Pain!


If you find yourself looking for that one magic bullet, that one killer exercise, that new diet “secret” that will unlock the mystery of having a perfect body then you might be in danger of shifting focus away from what actually delivers results. You are what delivers results, and those results come a day at a time – every time you choose to BodyRock with us and all the rest of the time that you choose to support your training by making diet choices that bring you closer to your goals.
You have everything inside of you that is needed to succeed in this and every other area of your life. BodyRockers develop amazing “core strength” and I’m not just talking abs here people. Each time we reach within for that strength to pound out that extra last rep that power, strength and confidence inside us becomes that much easier to access when we need it.
Enjoy today’s workout.

Step 1: Do your Warm-Up (No password? Get access here)
Step 2: Do the Workout Below

Step 3: Do Today’s Burnout (No password? Get access here)

Step 3: Do The Cool Down Stretch (No password? Get access here)

Step 4: Mark down all your scores in your Workout Journal. (No Journal? Get access here)

Step 5: Come and give us a HIGH FIVE on Facebook!


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