Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge- Day 13: Pilate Booty

Make Fat Cry Challenge

Format: go through these moves one time following the prescribed amount of time per move, taking minimal rest as needed.


1- Stand to Toes Crouch and Bend (0:45)

- start in a standing position, sweep your arms overhead and fold forward, putting your fingertips on the floor - bend your knees and lift your heels off the ground - stand up and straighten your legs, keeping your heels lifted - repeat this sequence of crouching and standing with heels lifted, keeping a neutral spine - MOD: only stand as straight as you can


2- Crouch and Lift Left then Right (0:30 each leg) 

- in the same crouched position as before, lift one leg off the ground and extend it behind you while you straighten your other leg - crouch back down and crunch the same knee in towards your nose - use your hands for balance in front of you - MOD: flatten your heel down or place your hands on a chair so you're not so bent over


3- Prayer to Butterfly to Mountain (0:45)

- stand and sweep your arms overhead - squat down into a chair squat, keeping the weight in your heels - with your hands in prayer position, twist to the right, hooking your left elbow on the outside of your right thigh - sweep your arms open and then bring them back together and repeat on the other side - alternate the way you twist


4- Alternating Step Outs (0:45)

- stand in a wide-leg stance - sweep your arms overhead and have your hands meet - step to one side and come into a side lunge, sweeping both arms down to meet the foot of your bent leg - repeat on the other side and continue - make sure to rotate and twist your core - make sure your knees are in line with your toes - MOD: take smaller steps into side lunge


5- Side Star Plank - right (0:40)

- start in a side plank position, feet stacked on top of each other or staggered - keep your hips high, don't let them sag - raise your hand above your head and lift your top leg to come into a star position - MOD: drop your bottom knee or come onto your elbow


6- Clamshells -right (0:30) 

- lie on your side with your bottom arm supporting your head - bend your knees and keep your legs together on the floor - keeping your feet touching, lift your top knee so it looks like a clam shell is opening and closing - thse are great for your glutes and hips


7- Side Star Plank - left (0:40)

- same as above, but on the other side


8- Clamshells - left (0:30) 

- same as above, but on the other side


9- Pilates Bridge (0:30)

- lie on your back and bend your knees - bring your heels as close to your hips as possible - lift and lower your hips, engaging your hips, glutes and core - keep your knees only about an inch apart


10- Flutter Kicks (0:30)

- lie on your back and extend your legs out long - begin by lifting one leg while keeping the other on the floor - point your toes - kick your legs so they're always in an opposite position, one lifted and one not lifted - try not to let your feet hit the floor and keep your back flat on the mat - MOD: bend your knees slightly


11- Single Leg Pilates Bridge Left, then Right (1:00)

- lie on your back and bend your knees - bring your heels as close to your hips as possible - lift one leg and begin to lift and lower your hips like we did before - really engage your glutes, hips and core - MOD: do a regular pilates bridge like we did above


12- Scissor Kicks (0:30)

- lie on your back with your legs extended - lift your legs a couple inches off the ground and begin crossing them back and forth in the air - maintain contact with your lower back to the floor - go at a steady pace - MOD: bring your legs up higher to make it easier


13- Spinal Balance Left, then Right (1:00)

- begin in a tabletop position - lift one arm and the opposite leg - point your toe - make sure your hips are square to the mat - switch arms/legs halfway through - press evenly through your knee and hand that are on the mat - engage your core


14- Cat Cow (0:30)

- begin in a neutral tabletop position - look up, extending your spine and opening your chest - tilt your head to look down and arch your back and round your shoulders - press through your fingertips


15- Plie Pulses (0:30)

- start standing, heels touching and feet turned out slightly - lift your heels and begin to squat down and pulse - hold on to a wall or chair if you need help with balance


16- Wide Leg Plie to Pulses (0:35)

- start standing in a plie squat position - lift your heels and start to squat down and pulse, keeping your heels lifted the entire time - hold on to a chair or wall if you need help with balance


17- Inner Thigh Pulses (0:45)

- start standing with your heels touching and feet slightly turned out - lift your heels off the ground, bending your knees slightly - begin to press your knees together and pulse your inner thighs - hold on to a wall if necessary - MOD: straighten your legs more to make it easier


18- Knee to Nose Extend Left, then Right (1:00)

- place your hands on a wall or chair in front of you - lift your right knee to your nose and then extend your right leg out behind you - lift up onto your opposite toe each time you bring your knee up - switch legs halfway through


19- Bent Over Leg Lift Left, then Right (1:00)

- start standing and sweep your arms overhead - bring your hands to the floor - put your right leg behind your left foot - begin lifting your right leg up into the air - MOD: stand with your hands on a chair or against a wall


Stretching - downward dog (pedal out feet) - low lunge to hamstring stretch - downward dog - low lunge to hamstring stretch (other side) - downward dog - seated position - seated forward fold


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