Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge Day 10: FULL BODY SHRED

Make Fat Cry Challenge


1- Body Squat Reverse Lunge (0:45)

- set up your squat position, feet hip distance apart, shoot your booty back coming into a squat, keeping your chest up - only go as deep as you can go holding that good form, no bending yourself forward - come up and perform alternating reverse lunges (1 each leg) - step back in line with your hip, dropping the back knee down gently, keeping that front knee lined up with your front foot. keep your chest up - and hold the wall for support if you need some balance.

2- Downward Dog to Cross Body Mountain Climbers (0:45)

- come into a tall plank, shoulders stacked above your hands, good core engagement and press back into downward dog allowing your hamstrings to lengthen - flow back into a plank and do 2 cross body mountain climbers, alternating knees to opposite sides of your chest. If you need to come off your hands, you can stand and do cross cross squats.

3- Heismans (0:30)

- point your toes out slightly, coming into a sumo squat position with your legs slightly wider than hips. drive your knees up while driving your arms down to help propel you - this is a version of high knees, just out to the side - you can also do regular high knees - only go as quick as you can - lift your knees as high as you can

4- 2-Count Push-Ups (0:45)

- using that strong plank alignment, do a push-up, but pause when you're halfway down - pause again at the bottom and again when you come halfway up - you can also do this on your knees, just make sure to pause - keep your core tight

5- Get Ups (left and right, 0:30 each side)

- lay on your back, and bend your right knee. extend your right arm overhead, holding a water bottle or nothing - use your left hand to help you sit up and come to standing, looking always up at your hand or water bottle.  squeeze your butt as you come up. Come back down with control, the same way you came up, keeping that right knee bent.  after 0:30 switch to do the other side.

6- Jumping Jacks (1:00)

- go at your own pace, but make it challenging - feel your inner and outer thighs working as you jack your legs, land softly on your feet


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