Lower Body Superset Workout

Lower Body Superset Workout

This intermediate/advanced workout targets the glutes, hips and thighs with tough exercises.  In this lower body workout, you'll perform supersets, alternating two exercises that target the same muscles for an efficient, yet challenging, workout.
  • Warm up with a few minutes of light cardio
  • Beginners:  Start with this Beginner Workout or do one set of each exercise using light/medium weight.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Complete one set of the exercises in each superset, one after the other, and repeat the set 2-3 more times. 
  • Check with your doctor if you have any injuries

Superset 1:  Squat and One-Legged Squat

1.  Dumbbell Squat
 Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a heavy dumbbell in both hands.  Bend knees and lower into a squat keeping the knees behind toes.  Push through the heels and butt to stand and repeat for 10-16 reps.
squatani3.jpg (18700 bytes)
2.  One-Legged Squat
With a ball supporting the back, lean against it and lift one foot off the floor (keep the toe resting lightly on the floor) and lower into a one-legged squat, just a few inches down.  Push through the heel and repeat for 10-16 reps and switch legs.  Hold light-medium weights if desired.
onelegsquatball2.jpg (23292 bytes)

Superset 2:  Deadlifts and Reverse Lunges

1.  Deadlift
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding heavy weights.  Keeping knees slightly bent (or straight) tip from the hips with back straight lower the torso towards the floor, keeping weight close to legs.  Squeeze through the butt and hamstrings to come back up and repeat for 10-16 reps.
deadani3.jpg (18795 bytes)
2.  Reverse Lunge
Stand with feet together, weights in hand.  Step back about 3 feet with the right foot and bend knees into a lunge, keeping both knees at 90 degree angles and the front knee behind the toe.  Push through the heels to lift back up, bringing foot back to start.  Repeat for number of reps and switch legs.
lunge3.jpg (18250 bytes) 

Superset 3:  Plie Squat and Inner Thigh Leg Lift

Plie Squat
Stand with feet wide, toes out at an angle, medium-heavy weights on the upper thighs.  Keeping knees in line with your toes, lower into a squat, focusing on the inner thighs.  Keep knees in line with toes.  Repeat for 10-16 reps.
ssplie.jpg (19540 bytes)
Inner Thigh Leg Lift
Lie on your right side, body supported on arm, right leg straight out and left leg bent for support.  Hold a light weight on inner thigh and, flexing the foot, lift the right leg up, leading with the heel.  Lower and repeat for 16 reps before switching sides.
innerthigh1.jpg (16823 bytes) innerthigh2.jpg (16949 bytes)

Superset 4:  Squat Steps and Outer Thigh Leg Lift

Squat Steps Stand on a resistance band and hold handles, keeping tension on the band.  Take a wide step to the right, squeezing the glute as the tube tightens. Lower into a squat, stand up and step feet together. Continue stepping to the right for 8-16 reps before switching sides.
sssquatstep2.jpg (13263 bytes)
Outer Thigh: 
Lie on left side and, if you have a ball, place the ball under your waist and bend the left knee on the floor for stability.  Hold a dumbbell (or use ankle weights) on the right thigh, flex the foot and lift right leg up a few inches.  Keep the hips stacked and facing forward and the knees and ankles in alignment. Lower back down and repeat for all reps before switching sides.  For these exercises, use light weight.
legliftball2.jpg (22313 bytes)

Superset 5:  Calf Raises and Seated Calves

Standing Calf Raise:  Stand on the floor (or with your heels hanging off a bench or step) and hold onto a bar or wall for balance.  Lift up onto your toes as high as you can, squeezing the calves.  Lower and repeat for 16 reps.
sscalfraise2.jpg (9029 bytes)
Seated Calf Raise:  Sit on a chair or ball and place a weighted bar over your thighs (don't put it directly on your knees).  Squeeze the calves and lift feet onto toes.  Lower and repeat for 16 reps.
ssseatedcalf1.jpg (15679 bytes) ssseatedcalf2.jpg (15498 bytes)

Superset 6:  Standing Butt Lift and Lying Butt Lift

Standing Butt Lift
Stand in split stand, right leg forward, left leg back.  Bend front knee until it's at 90 degrees, hands behind back and torso parallel to the floor.   Keeping torso in place, slowly straighten the right knee, squeezing through the hamstring and glute.  Lower and repeat for 12-16 reps.
ssbuttlift1.jpg (14959 bytes) ssbuttlift2.jpg (15984 bytes)
Glute Lift
On elbows and knees, place a light weight behind right knee and bend leg to hold it in place, foot flexed.  Squeeze the butt to lift right leg until it's level with hips.  Repeat for 16 reps and switch sides.
buttlift2.jpg (22001 bytes)


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