DIY Wear Blush With Confidence

By: Jamie Park

I Will Wear Blush With Confidence

Our 2013 resolution is to feel confident about our makeup. We tapped our Education Specialist (and resident makeup artist) Jamie Park, to show us how to achieve our beauty goals this year.

Staffer: Laura Kenney, Editor-in-Chief
Resolution: I WILL learn how to apply blush!
Reason: You can tell a woman who knows how to apply blush—her cheeks look chiseled, her skin has a rosy flush, and it all looks perfectly healthy and fresh, like she just stepped into her chateau after a jaunt down the slopes of St. Moritz circa 1960. I am not that woman, but I want to be.
Result: I used to be a one-trick pony, applying a single shade of blush to my apples (or what I guessed were my apples). Jamie taught me: a) how to actually confidentially find said apples, and, b) how important it is to gradate your blush with different colors and textures for your most natural look. Now all I need is a vintage ski suit and a time machine, and St. Moritz, here I come!
The Science: During ovulation and arousal, the blood flow under the skin’s surface increases, resulting in pinker cheeks and lips. Blush is merely the artful imitation of these visible signs of youth, fertility and arousal.
The History: As old as civilization, ancient Egyptians perked up their cheeks with reddish clay pigments, while the Greeks used crushed mulberries. Blush crossed genders during the Regency period in England, when both women and men relied on it, using a reddish talcum powder to brighten their cheeks—while powdering the rest of their face—for a contrast that signaled good health.
How Jamie Created the Look

Step 1: Smile
blush how to
Literally! It’s the only way to naturally expose the apples of your cheeks. You’ll be concentrating the color at the bottom of the apple (closer to your mouth) because that’s where shadows would naturally fall.

Step 2: Contour 

Dark pulls back, light pulls forward. To achieve sculpted cheeks, you'll want to concentrate darker colors - like bronze-y peaches and browns - towards the bottom of your cheeks (to pull them back) and blend lighter colors (think light pinks and gold highlighters) towards the tops of your cheeks (to pull them forward).  Use cream products first so that the powders will adhere better (and last longer). Blend the cream in with your fingers or use a synthetic blush brush.

Product Recap: What Jamie Used 

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