MY REVIEW: Evergreen Nature Coconut Oil Softgels

Product Description
Certified Organic & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Softgels 

A PROVEN secret used over thousands of years to keep heart and body running smoothly.

Evergreen Nature’s Certified Organic& Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules Now on Amazon.

Coconut Oil has wide ranging health and beauty benefits. Just some of the benefits include:

• Helps boost the immune system, fights viruses and bacteria that cause illness 
• Helps prevent yeast, fungus and candida
• Helps manage insulin 
• Aids thyroid function helping to boost metabolism, energy and endurance 
• Increases digestion and absorption of fat soluble vitamins 
• Good source of Vitamin E acting as a powerful skin and hair moisturizer 
• Anti-aging benefits 
• Lowers bad cholesterol 
• Can help with skin conditions such as Eczema or psoriasis 
• Helps with weight loss 


I have been doing a new way of eating. Intermittent Fasting. I decided to drop my calories,keep eating Paleo and control my estrogen dominance. And one thing I had to quit in the morning because I did not want to break my fast is using coconut oil in my coffee. I love it. But the calories. And when I got this,I was so happy! I am able to take it 2x a day during my fast. I love coconut oil. I cook with it,slather it on my skin and use it in my coffee. But now I can take the supplement which makes my fast how it should be. I still do bulletproof coffee but I have it after my first meal. And those who cannot stomach drinking coffee with coconut oil. Well the benefits are amazing so taking this supplement is just for you. I love it. 

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I received this product for my unbiased honest opinion.


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