Turmeric for Brighter Skin

Indian-Inspired Recipe for Brighter Skin

Indian turmeric body mask 

India is a country with a distinct beauty. The cinema known as Bollywood shows radiant colors, and beautiful women adorned with jewels, mendhi patterns, and black smoky eyes.
Grooming practices in India are very traditional. Indians believe that a healthy diet, oiling the body, and avoiding the use of chemicals are the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why in India many oils, plants, and herbs substitute the consumer goods used in the West.
India has a connection to the feminine power represented by the Devi (goddesses) in the Hindu religion that showcases natural beauty, and untouched skin. During my visit in 2012, I discovered that in this place called India, life lives in everything. Drop a seed and it will grow overnight.

What does it mean to be beautiful in India?

Both the elder and modern Indian woman embraces her beauty.
It’s always about what’s in the inside, the intention, the truth behind the smile. Beauty is celebrated by the connection to oneself and the quiet of the mind in this magical land.
From these cultural values, Indian women are more involved in inner beauty than outer beauty.
Wedding ceremonies are one of the most beautiful times for young women to take part in culture-rooted traditions. Among many of the elaborate traditional wedding preparations is one that any woman can easily do for herself to create brighter skin.
To prepare and clean the skin, turmeric powder is applied to the body as a mask (see below) and a bath of oils and powders are mixed to create a relaxing rejuvenating treatment.
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Turmeric Body Mask Recipe

This mask will leave your skin brighter, and works great with dry and acne-prone skin. You can use anywhere on the body for an instant glow.
Note: Turmeric does stain and will leave a yellowish tint on the skin depending on how light you are. 
  • Glass bowl
  • Spoon
  • Raw Honey
  • Milk
  • Turmeric 
Turmeric mask mixutre
  1. Mix the milk, honey and Turmeric in the glass bowl
  2. Create a thick paste using your spoon
  3. Clip your hair back
  4. Use the spoon to evenly apply all over the face & body
  5. Leave on for 1/2 hour 
  6. Remove with warm water when paste hardens

turmeric body mask application


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