Foods To Improve Thyroid Health

Drink 1 teaspoon in water daily. Also use it as a clay mask and smooth it over the neck and allow it to absorb all toxins

*Avoid soy, dairy, gluten, and processed foods.
**Avoid GOITROGENS from soybean-related foods and cruciferous vegetables.

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What is a thyroid?

The thyroid gland is located near the base of the neck. It is one of the largest endocrine glands and controls (through the production of thyroid hormone) how quickly the body burns energy and makes proteins. Thyroid hormones also directly affect how most of your organs function. So if your thyroid isn't operating properly, you can have problems in lots of other parts of your body.

The most common problems that develop in the thyroid include:

Hypothyroidism -- An underactive thyroid.
Hyperthyroidism -- An overactive thyroid.
Goiter -- An enlarged thyroid.
Thyroid Nodules -- Lumps in the thyroid gland.
Thyroid Cancer -- Malignant thyroid nodules or tissue.
Thyroiditis -- Inflammation of the thyroid.


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