DIY Marni Inspired Necklace

DIY: Marni inspired Necklace
Today’s DIY is a fun little collaboration with one of my sponsors, Midori Ribbon.  If you don’t know Midori yet, you should check them out… they sell some of the most exquisite ribbon I’ve ever seen (especially the double faced satin… which we’ll be working with today.)  In creating this project, I was inspired by the fun necklaces Marni has had lately…  I especially loved this one.  The longer length makes it a bit more fun and different, and I loved the acetate pendant.  The end result looks equally great paired with a little black dress or jeans and a casual tank.

{I paired it with a casual tee but can’t wait to wear it with a party dress.  Isn’t the longer length great?}

Materials / Where to Buy:  34 inches 3/4inch Brass Chain // 70 inches 1/4 inch double faced satin ribbon
Brooch (Try ebay or MJ Trim!)

  1. Thread your ribbon through the first link of the chain.
  2. Tie a double-knot, leaving about 15 inches of ribbon at the end.
  3. Thread your ribbon through each link of the chain.
  4. It will look like this.
  5. Attach your brooch to one of the sides.
  6. Tie a double knot at the end, and leave another 15 inches of ribbon.



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