Flu Remedies;A letter I recieved from Mom Essentials

Are you ready for my story and a few more
secrets to preventing and treating flu?

Let's take a closer look at Flu Remedies 5 & 6

Flu Remedy # 5-Antispasmodic Formula

Several years ago we were traveling and staying
with some old friends of ours. I had been treating
some coughs successfully on my own children with
Dr. Christopher's Antispasmodic formula. Our
friends were not into natural medicine at all, in
fact I think the husband was in medical school at
the time and didn't put much faith in anything else.

Anyway, one night we were up late playing cards
and we could hear one of their kids coughing in
his bed. The frequency of the coughing increased
until the child was coughing several times every
minute. It was starting to distract everyone, and
I knew perfectly well that the remedy in my
suitcase would solve the problem.

Finally I spoke up and explained that I had some
herbal drops that could make the coughing
diminish fast. Our friends consented so I retrieved
the bottle and told her to rub a few drops on the
front of her child's neck. I knew it was a pivotal
moment for my credibility.

She went and applied the tincture and returned to
the table. Their child coughed one more time and
then was silent. We all sat there in amazement. I
hadn't even thought it would work quite that fast
and quite as effectively as it did.

This formula feeds and nourishes the nerves
also, so it helps reduce spasms. It even works
for temporary spasms such as the hiccups.

My other most favorite way to use Antispasmodic
is for that terrible scratchy throat that comes at
night sometimes and keeps you from sleeping
well. I squirt a dropper in a cup of herbal tea to
keep by my bed. If my scratchy throat wakes
me up, I take a sip and immediately return to

Flu Remedy #6-Give a ginger bath

Baths are so wonderful when you're sick. They
are an easy and effective way to get the healing
effects of medicinal herbs into the body. As I
mentioned before, they help with hydration,
and ginger helps with fevers and achy muscles.

Did you know that you can actually sweat infection
out of your body? Dr. Christopher has a whole
routine called the "Cold Sheet Treatment" that
teaches how to do this. I usually only do an
amended form of this treatment when we have
more serious issues.

In the case of fever, the body is trying to fight
infection. So if we just stop the fever, we are
preventing the body from doing its job correctly
and we risk driving the problem deeper. Instead,
we should help the body fight the infection with
good hydration and a hot bath to help sweat out
the infection. Dr. Christopher taught that if the
body has enough fluids coming in, there is little
danger from even a high fever.

I like to rinse my children off when they're done
bathing (usually at night) and put on their pajamas
and socks without drying them off. This puts some
moisture into their clothing that can be absorbed
while they're sleeping and helps with fevers. And
I give them elderberry and Echinacea several
times during this treatment.

So there are a few more ideas you can try in your
home medicine. Always listen to your intuition,
and if you feel like the situation is getting too
serious, please seek professional help. The more
natural treatments you learn about and try, the
more confident you will get (not to mention

To your home medicine empowerment!
Jenni Wilson
Founder of Mom Essentials


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