Steps in Reducing and Preventing Wrinkles

How to Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

How to Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

Here are some simple tips to keep your skin looking dewy and youthful, including a couple of ultra-simple formulas, dietary hints, and lifestyle tips. Those of us blessed with young skin can help to keep it that way, while those of us with aging skin can reduce wrinkles and have softer, more glowing skin. Here are the great tips for younger skin:
Hydrating aging skin and helping it to retain moisture are the keys to reducing and preventing wrinkles. Nourishing the skin with the proper foods, exfoliating dead skin cells with fruit acids, and getting enough rest are also important.
So here are some simple tips for younger skin:

1. Humidify your home, especially during the winter heating season.
2. Spritz your skin frequently throughout the day with a mineral water spritzer.
3. Aloe vera gel makes a great healing moisturizer. Use it on your face and body as often as possible.
4. Honey is a great humectant: make a mask of honey with the contents of a vitamin E capsule added and smooth on your face. Allow to rest for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.
5. Moisturizing creams are great for reducing wrinkles. See our Luscious Tropical Moisturizing Cream which contains cocoa butter, a fabulous moisturizer for aging skin.
6. Anti-oxidant-rich foods like carrots, for example, are good to eat–and good to apply to the skin. Try adding carrot juice or other fruit or vegetable juices to your moisturizer.
7. Make simple fruit or vegetable masks to gently slough off dead skin cells. Crushed strawberries, bananas, cucumber, and many other foods make wonderful nourishing and exfoliating masks.
8. Rub Vitamin E or wheat germ oil directly into wrinkles.
9. After a lifetime of exposure to pollutants, we need antioxidant help. Try applying witch hazel to your skin: it is powerful.
10. Make sure you get enough omega-3 oil in your diet. Flax seeds are a great source.
11. Try a simple, all-natural Herbal Face-Lift Formula.
12. Make sure you get enough rest, so that your skin has time to repair itself.
By Annie B. Bond

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