Seasonal Skin Treatments by Tree Hut

Caring for Your Skin During the Seasons

Daily exposure to weather can be extremely damaging to your skin if you’re not careful. With each season comes different conditions, each equally a concern to our bodies.


Spring is a time when the weather is warming up and it’s just hot enough to start spending extra time outdoors and in the sun. Sun exposure can lead to damage to your skin including wrinkles, dryness due to dehydration, and sun spots. Dry, rough skin can be treated by moisturizing the skin more frequently and by keeping yourself hydrated with water. Keeping your body moisturized will help create a barrier and help prevent direct exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. This will prevent your skin from cracking and toxins from entering. After a long day, a sugar scrub will help remove the unwanted buildup of oils and products from the outside layer of your skin. During these months, it is usual for your skin to become more oily than normal. When your skin does not have enough moisture, it will produce excess oils. To prevent these excess oils, use Tree Hut Extra-Rich Moisturizing Lotion as a smooth solution to your problem. A small amount can go a long way. Massaging the lotion into your skin will make your body feel refreshed and smelling clean instead of oily and unmanageable.


During the hot days of summer, our bodies tend to perspire more than usual. This extra perspiration dries out our skin, causing the outer layer of our skin to crack. Extra perspiration will also leave your skin with clogged pores and an unhealthy complexion and breakouts. To get rid of this dryness and unclog your pores, an exfoliating sugar scrub will remove the dead skin cells that accumulate on your body throughout the day.  It is important after exfoliating, to moisturize with either a Shea body lotion or Shea body butter. The natural extracts in Tree Huts moisturizers will heal the skin and give you a healthy glow. When it’s hot and the sun is shining, we can’t help but go outside and enjoy the summer on the water. However, we must remember, before and after going into the sun to moisturize. Moisturizing will hydrate your skin and protect it from the element. When showering after a long day outside, make sure to lather up with a body wash that will not only leave you smelling nice, but one that will easily replenish your skin.


Fall is the time when the warm days are coming to an end and exfoliating becomes an important part of your evening. Sugar body scrubs are amazing for moments of exfoliation. Not only will the sugar scrubs slouch away your dry flaky skin, but it will also help to hydrate the skin as well. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub is a great choice for getting rid of dry skin cells. The Tree Hut formula keeps its consistency and does not turn into a useless liquid like other scrubs do. Moisturizing is also important during the fall months. Just like during other seasons of the year, moisturizing will ensure your body the feeling of being refreshed and hydrated. Adding moisture to your body will help lock in you natural moisture, throughout the day. This will help the skin remain healthy and looking beautiful.


The winter season is the time to stay indoors close to the fire or to relax in a nice warm shower or bath. As the cold, harsh winter season approaches, the wind and the dryness in the air causes skin to become flaky, dry and itchy. It becomes even more dehydrated than in the heat of the summer months. Due to these extreme conditions, your body needs extra attention in order to keep it from looking old and worn. After a long day, jump into your shower and use a body wash and a sugar scrub to get all of the dry, damaged layers of skin and dirt off of your healthy skin underneath. This will leave your skin smooth and refreshed. When done with your shower, immediately rub into your skin an extra-rich moisturizer, either a body lotion or a body butter, which will seal in all the moisture your body received from your shower. For moments when your skin feels extra dry due to the harsh winds outside and those problem areas, Shea Body Butter will give you a deep miniaturization and transform your skin.


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