7 Homemade Face and Body Oils

Top 7 Nourishing & Fragrant Homemade Face & Body Oils

Top 7 Nourishing & Fragrant Homemade Face & Body Oils  
Body oils are relaxing, soothing and luxurious – but store bought body oils can also be very expensive! This is surprising when you think just how simple it is to make your own at home. All you need are some carrier oils (such as jojoba, olive, sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado or grapeseed oil) and some essential oils for fragrance and their healing and nourishing properties. So save yourself some money, reduce the toxic load on your skin and have some fun making these seven wonderful luxurious face and body oils.

Crunchy Betty’s Refreshingly Minty Body Oil

Leslie, from CrunchyBetty.com, shares some fantastic homemade body oils on this page, but the minty body oil really stands out for me. Here’s the recipe… - 1 cup grapeseed oil
- 35 drops peppermint oil
- 15 drops lemongrass oil
- ¼ tsp liquid vitamin E Combine all ingredients in a small glass bottle and shake well. For decorative purposes, add a sprig of peppermint or a strip of lemon rind. To see more body oil recipes from Crunchy Betty, click here.

Simple Lavender Body Oil from ADelightfulHome.com

This recipe, adapted by Stacy from ADelightfulHome.com from The Herbal Home Spa is probably the simplest body oil recipe ever and will take just a few minutes to make.

Here’s the recipe… - 2/3 cup jojoba oil
- 1/3 cup wheat germ oil
- 6 drops lavender oil
- 10 drops vitamin E oil Simply add all ingredients to a glass bottle, shake well and voila.

Face Moisturizing Oil

This recipe has been slightly adapted from The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. We have simply substituted rose essential oil (since it can be so expensive) for geranium essential oil. This oil blend can be used as a day moisturizer to hydrate the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Here’s the recipe… - Geranium oil (15 drops)
- Patchouli oil (5 drops)
- Lavender oil (5 drops)
- Lemon oil (5 drops)
- Dilute the above essential oil blend in two tablespoons of sweet almond oil. Simply massage the oil onto dampened skin and dab with a tissue until no oil remains. Read More: Top 3 Homemade Beauty Products Made With Essential Oils

After Sun Body Oil

After spending too long in the sun without protection you’ll need to soothe your skin with this after sun body oil. Here’s the recipe… - Lavender oil (10 drops)
- Eucalyptus oil (5 drops)
- Bergamot oil (1 drop)
- Geranium oil (2 drops)
- Almond oil (2 ounces)
- Sesame oil (2 tablespoons) Massage into affected areas to provide relief from sun burn. Read More: Make Your Own Essential Oil Travel Pharmacy

Pain Relief Body Oil

If your muscles or joints ache, if you are suffering from arthritic pain or if you’ve taken a knock or had a fall, then this massage oil blend will help. Here’s the recipe… - Lavender oil (8 drops)
- Marjoram oil (4 drops)
- Cedarwood oil (1 drop)
- Ginger oil (1 drop)
- Chamomile oil (1 drop)
- ¼ cup carrier oil (jojoba, apricot kernel, sunflower oil etc.) Mix all ingredients in a dark glass bottle and then apply to areas experiencing pain. The oil will relax muscles, reduce inflammation and soothe the nervous system. Read More: Top 7 Essential Oils For Pain Relief 

Padma Lakshmi’s Slimming Body Oil

Author, actress, model and TV host Padma Lakshmi swears by this slimming body oil and even said it helps her lose an inch overnight (primarily due to the diuretic properties of juniper oil). If you need to squeeze into a dress for an important engagement then try this slimming body oil the night before… - 3oz jojoba oil
- 40 drops juniper oil
- 20 drops grapefruit oil
- 10 drops geranium oil
- 10 drops rosemary oil
- 10 drops black pepper oil
- 5 drops rose absolute Apply it all over your body 24 hours prior to your event or add it to your bath and let it soak in.

Cellulite Busting Body Oil

This works much in the same way as the above slimming oil. Mix up the below recipe, apply to your cellulite to help reduce the fatty deposits. Here’s the recipe… - 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
- 5 drops jojoba oil
- 5 drops carrot oil
- 12 drops juniper oil
- 10 drops lemon oil
- 6 drops oregano oil Apply to damp skin, preferably after trying out the cellulite busting essential oil bath. Read More: How To Reduce Cellulite With The Power Of Essential Oils These seven body oils are very easy to make, they are free from chemicals and they can be used for all sorts of purposes – from pain relief, to sunburn relief, for slimming or merely for moisturizing and smoothing skin. Do you use body oils? Do you have any recipes to share? Leave a comment below sharing your tips.

Where To Buy These Ingredients

You can get pretty much everything you need on Amazon. Here’s a link to a page with all the carrier oils, and here’s a link to a page that has all the essential oils. Simply add any oil that you’d like to your basket. Alternatively, you can get all of these ingredients on Mountain Rose Herbs – which is one of the most popular suppliers of herbs, essential oils and natural products. Here’s a link to a page with all of their essential oils, and here’s a link to a page with all of their carrier oils.


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