Homemade Beauty Products with Essential Oils

Top 3 Homemade Beauty Products Made With Essential Oils

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Some of the world’s most sought after skin care products contain essential oils as their active ingredient. Unfortunately, they are also loaded with chemical preservatives as manufactures try to extend their shelf life as far as possible. Not only can these chemicals cause significant long term damage to our skin, they are also extortionately expensive. So in this blog post I’m going to share some recipes for beauty products you can make at home to achieve clear, glowing and youthful skin without the price tag and without the side effects.

Anti-Wrinkle Essential Oil Blend

There are certain essential oils that have been identified to reduce wrinkles and help your skin look younger. Essential oils work by stimulating the speed of new skin cell growth, enabling the newer cells to replace the older, dead cells quicker. They also stimulate blood flow aiding oxygenation; regulate the rate of sebum production and certain nutrients in the oils work to restore collagen and elastin.

The Recipe: - Neroli oil (10 drops)
- Lavender oil (10 drops)
- Frankincense oil (10 drops)
- Fennel oil (10 drops)
- Carrot oil (10 drops)
- Evening primrose oil (10 drops)
- Rosemary oil (2 drops)
- Lemon oil (3 drops)
- Dilute the above blend in two tablespoons of apricot kernel oil. Massage the blend onto the face and neck each evening. You can buy all of the ingredients above on Amazon. I recommend Edens Garden essential oils.

Face Moisturizing Essential Oil Blend

When your skin is dry it can become susceptible to wrinkles, flakiness and sensitivity. Moisturize daily with this day moisturizer essential oil blend. The Recipe:

- Rose oil (15 drops)
- Patchouli oil (5 drops)
- Lavender oil (5 drops)
- Lemon oil (5 drops)
- Dilute the above blend in two tablespoons of sweet almond oil. Massage the blend onto dampened skin and then dab with a tissue until no oil shows on the tissue.

Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles Essential Oil Blend

We all know how expensive eye creams can be, but rather than spend a fortune on chemical filled toxic products, try this essential oil blend and follow the instructions. You will need these ingredients: - Hazelnut oil (2 teaspoons)
- Witch hazel (1 tablespoon)
- Fennel oil (2 drops)
- German Chamomile oil (2 drops) Dissolve the essential oils in cold witch hazel and then refrigerate.
 Meanwhile, wrap an ice cube in a cotton wool ball, dip it into the witch hazel and essential oil mix and place over your closed eye for a few seconds. Remove from the eye area, and while your skin is still wet, apply a small quantity of hazelnut oil. These recipes are so simple to make, and once you have the essential oils, they are incredibly cheap since you only need a few drops of each oil. If you want to make any of these recipes for yourself but need some essential oils, then you can get everything you need on Amazon. Plus, if you buy through our link then we will receive credit (around 7% at no extra cost to you) which we can pump back into cool giveaways and prizes on the blog. Top 3 Beauty Products To Make At Home With Essential Oils For a complete essential oil set with almost all of the oils you’ll ever need, I recommend this Edens Garden Ultimate Aromatherapy 32 Bottle Kit. It’s a fantastic kit which also includes some synergy blends for relaxation, renewal, meditation and many more. Think how much money you’ll be saving on anti-wrinkle creams, face moisturizers and eye creams. And think how many fewer chemicals and toxins you’ll be pumping into your body. For more great ideas for things to make and do with essential oils, get yourself a copy of The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Enjoyed this post? Please share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest using the buttons at the bottom of this post. If you want to learn more about using essential oils for your beauty, then here are some books you may enjoy…

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The Essential Oils Book: Creating Personal Blends for Mind & Body
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