DIY Skin Brightening Toner with Lemon Juice


1/2 Cup Lemon juice
1 Cup Water
2/3 Cup Witch hazel (can purchase at any drug store)
Plastic bottle or jar
Facial toner recipe for those with normal to dry skin.

*For oily skin add 2 Tablespoons Alcohol*
STEP ONE: Mix ingredients in a bottle or jar.

STEP TWO: Cleanse skin with facial cleanser and rinse. Repeat.
STEP THREE: Apply toner with a cotton pad, sweep upward and outward over entire face and neck.
STEP FOUR: Apply moisturizer.
Witch Hazel: Tightens pores and reduces inflammation.
Lemon Juice: Reduce blemishes and lightens skin.
Use facial toner both morning and night for a deeper cleanse, smaller pores and bright, radiant skin!
*If you have any questions about toner or other skin care needs, please feel free to ask :)


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