Using Citronella Oil

Top 7 Uses For Citronella Oil

Top 7 Uses For Citronella Oil  
Citronella essential oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of different species of lemongrass. The oil is used extensively in soap, candles, perfumes and other cosmetic properties. Citronella oil is usually a clear light yellow to brownish colour and has a lemon citrus aroma with subtle woody tones. If you don’t yet own a bottle, then pick up a bottle of citronella oil here and find out seven wonderful things you can do with this magical oil…

Insect Repellent

Citronella oil is perhaps most famed for its insect repellent properties. It can be used in isolation or combined with other essential oils (such as lemongrass oil) to create an even more potent insect repellent blend. To keep insects away from your home light a candle, allow to burn for a few minutes so a pool of melted wax forms, and then add one or two drops of citronella oil. Alternatively add a drop or two to ribbon and hang by open windows or add a few drops to a cotton ball and place on window sills. If you are moving around and want to be protected then add a few drops of citronella oil and mix with distilled water in a spray bottle and spray in the surrounding area. Alternatively, mix citronella oil with a carrier oil (such as olive or jojoba oil) and rub into the skin.

Skin Care

Citronella oil is effective for reducing oily skin and its anti-bacterial properties help it to fight bacteria that can cause acne. Adding just one drop to water and rinsing the face with the mix is one way to take advantage of this oil. A highly effective acne treatment involves mixing witch hazel and citronella at a one drop per ounce of witch hazel ratio and applying to the face. The astringent properties of the mixture will dry, harden and protect your skin. Read More: Top 5 Essential Oils For Glowing & Gorgeous Skin


Citronella oil has been used historically to eliminate the cause while also bringing down high fevers. A few drops diffused around the room provides a calming scent which also induces a fresh happy feeling and hope.
Additionally, mix two drops of the oil with a carrier oil and massage onto the stomach, arms and legs.


The lemony citrus aroma of citronella oil make it a wonderful smelling deodorant. Plus, the anti-bacterial properties help to kill potentially foul smelling bacteria. Mix a few drops of citronella oil with coconut oil for an effective, cheap and all-natural deodorant. Alternatively, add a few drops to your evening bath for an odor killing soak.

Toxin Removal

Citronella oil has diaphoretic and diuretic properties which promotes toxin removal, weight loss and the disposal of waste substances. The diaphoretic properties stimulate sweating which expels toxins, excess water, fat and salts from the body and the diuretic properties increase the frequency and quantity of urination clears out toxins, waste substances and drains out infections in the urinary system.

Digestive Issues

Citronella oil has been identified as an effective natural treatment for worms. It should be administered in very mild doses to children and helps to eliminate round worms and tape worms which can hinder physical and mental growth. Citronella oil also tones up digestion, excretion and fortifies the body.

Nuisance Dog Barking

According to research published in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association a spritz of citronella spray from an anti-barking collar was more effective and reported as more humane when it comes to preventing nuisance dog barking than an electric shock collar. The veterinarians speculated that “given the dog’s sense of smell, it could be that a strange odor may be less tolerated than a presumably painful stimulus“. If you need to calm a nuisance-barking dog, then try this Petsafe Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar for a more natural and humane anti-nuisance barking treatment.

Where To Buy Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is one of the cheapest essential oils which is great if you want to start using it! I use Edens Garden Citronella Oil which is available here on Amazon for just $5.65 for a 30ml bottle (that’s a big bottle!) Alternatively you can get a 10ml bottle for $2.95 here. Alternatively, another fantastic supplier of essential oils is Mountain Rose Herbs. You can buy their citronella oil at this page (just scroll down a little – it’s in alphabetical order). Pick up a bottle of citronella oil for yourself and try it out for all of the wonderful things it can do for you.


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