Starting All Over

16 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting Over

Deciding to begin again is a powerful statement. Things happen that force us out of a familiar and comfortable lifestyle or situation; many people struggle to maintain the status quo. Allowing is a key component to leaving the shore and sailing downstream… allowing the nature of what is, allowing the uneasy feelings, and allowing the old to pass away and the new to be good or even better.

Inventing yourself again, in a new place with new people or even a new job, takes courage, even more courage to want the change and see the opportunity for adventure. Whatever the reason for your new phase in life, remember the wisdom is always inside you; your personal guidance system is yours to use and interpret. Stay open, stay sweet, and allow.

16 Things that I remind myself in each new adventure:

1. It will feel odd.

2. If it doesn’t feel odd, you haven’t started a new life.

3. You will be frightened… your breath will make you powerful again.

4.  If you are reading this, you have more resources than you are thinking you do.

5.  You did it before, you can do it again.

6.  People are generally the same everywhere; what you find is what you bring.

7.  When you feel really unsure, do something familiar… but don’t shave.

8.  You left some things behind… don’t pick them back up again.

9.  Don’t second guess yourself; keep all your energy centered and focused in front of you.

10.  Be gentle with yourself… you are a new sprout in a new life.

11.  Keep your heart open; it will be worth it always.

12.  Be proud of yourself.

13.  Recall your successes.

14.  Laugh about something. 

15.  Connect with the air around you, the water in your cells, the space between things and any small piece of nature. The stillness and innocence will give you silent strength.

16.  Not many people have the courage to start a new life with eagerness; walk gently ahead with lightness in your heart.


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