DIY Eye De-Puffers

Natural Eye De-Puffers

July 10 · Beauty
Whether it's due to a late night out, too many tears, or just plain old exhaustion, puffy eyes are never a good look. You might not be able to control the situations that leave your eyes puffy and swollen, but you can do something to fix them up in a jiffy.
  • Ice Ice Baby: Toss a bag of frozen veggies on your eyes and watch the swelling disappear. The chilly temperature constricts blood vessels, shrinking capillaries and reducing inflammation.
  • Hydrate: Too much sodium in your diet can lead to inflammation throughout the body, even reaching the delicate eye area. Flush out toxins and unruly amounts of salt by simply amping up your water intake.
  • Stimulate: Fluid retention makes eyes look inflated and swollen. If you stimulate your lymphatic system with a gentle massage and light exercise, it will encourage drainage of excess fluids.

Tap the Well:

Try these two at home tricks to de puff those peepers!
  • Steep 2 bags of green tea, let cool and then put over your eyes for 5 minutes.
  • If you need a bigger boost, then put thinly sliced cucumbers over your eyes for an additional five minutes


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