DIY Makeup

DIY Makeup: Create Your Own Makeup Cocktails

Still searching for the perfect shade of lip gloss or foundation? It may already be in your makeup bag. Find out how to create custom DIY makeup like the pros and remember you don't have to use these products but the products you love.

Highlighter + moisturizer

If highlighter application had a 101 class, most of us would fail miserably. It's not our fault; mastering the tool is really tricky. That's why mixing an illuminizer and a skin moisturizer is a great way to get a glowing complexion without all the precise dabbing. "Apply this combo before you layer on foundation for a natural, dewy base," says Paul. For an even more sheer effect, celebrity makeup artist Lusine Galadjian (her clients include Victoria Justice and Ashley Greene) suggests pairing the illuminator with tinted moisturizer, which means you can skip foundation altogether. Just be sure to go a little lighter in the T-zone area when applying; oil production is heaviest there and highlighter can make your forehead, nose, and chin look shiny instead of glowy. Mix both the illuminzer and moisturizer in the palm of your hand and spread across your face using your fingers.

Foundation + sunscreen

The best way to instantly hide scars, blemishes, and spider veins on your body isn't actually concealer. "I like to mix foundation with a mineral sunscreen," says Paul. "The combo melts really nicely into skin. Plus, natural sunscreen has a reflective quality that enhances your glow and camouflages flaws beautifully."

Mix California Baby Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion, $19.99, with Yves Saint Laurent Teint Radiance Radiance Enhancing Flawless Foundation, $48. 

Loose pigment + cream shadow

When it comes to eyeshadow, you've got a couple (imperfect) options: Loose powders come in lots of vibrant colors, but they tend to fade throughout the day, whereas cream shadows have longevity -- but the neutral shades are so boring. "Blending a bright loose power with a cream shadow -- which usually contain smudge-proof ingredients like silicone -- will give your bold hue staying power," explains Paul. "It's also a great way to customize your own eyeliner or mascara shade," adds Galadjian. Mix a scrape of the cream and loose pigment together in a small bowl and use a flat brush for your lids or angled brush for eyeliner. Galadjian suggests using a white or silver cream when blending, which will boost the loose powder hue.

Mix Make Up For Ever Pure Pigments, $20, with Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Bone, $24

Lipstick + lip balm

Galadjian says mixing a creamy lip balm with multiple lipsticks makes it easier to blend lipstick shades together. On the back of your hand, apply one or two lipstick shades (close to each other, but not touching), then blend together with a clear lip balm or gloss. Use a small lip brush to paint your custom color onto your lips. "The balm will prevent your lips from drying out," says Galadjian. "It'll also keep the shade from being too matte or heavy-looking, but it won't tone down the rich color." Plus, unlike layering colors onto your lips, the multiple shades will be better blended and your top layer won't be too glossy.

Mix Prestige Cosmetics Classic Lipstick, $3.95, with Korres Lip Butter in Guava, $12. 

Bronzer + body lotion

Sure, there are tons of lotions that come with a hint of tint and shimmer, but many of us avoid them for fear we'll end up looking like we're ready for a 7th grade dance. But the pros actually like a little bit of junior high-esque sparkle: "The right amount of shimmer reflects light so your skin has a golden, healthier appearance," says Paul. But finding that subtle radiance requires some diluting. "Most bronzers are really glittery, and toning them down with a lotion is how many makeup artists create a more natural-looking glow," says Galadjian. Bonus: That body lotion will also ensure the subtle sparkle sticks to your skin -- not to your dress or to anyone you come in contact with. Mix one part bronzer to one part body lotion in your palms before applying -- and use more lotion than bronzer if you've got an especially glittery brand.

Mix JK Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Year-Round Body Glow, $28, with Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion, $3.69.

Loose pigments + lip gloss

Ever wish your favorite eyeshadow or blush was a lip color? You can stop searching now: Just add a bit of your blush or loose eyeshadow to a lip gloss for an exact match. If your blush or shadow is pressed, gently scrape tiny particles off with an X-Acto knife and mix with a little bit of gloss; you can do this in a Dixie cup or even on the top of your hand. "Use a thin brush to paint the mix on your lips so it goes on smooth and even," adds Paul. And if you're eager to use blue or green pigments, listen up: These hues contain more toxins than other shades, so Galadjian recommends avoiding them. Loose pigments mixed with lip gloss are more likely to be ingested, he says.

Mix MAC Cosmetics Pigment, $20, with Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear, $1.99.


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