Healthy Nails

Tough As Nails

While we encourage going outside and getting those hands dirty, too much wear and tear can cause weak and brittle nails (think: ridges, dents, or areas of unusual color or shape).
By simply changing up how you treat your digits on a daily basis will do the trick! Here's how:
  • Condition: Nails become brittle most often by not being properly moisturized after exposure to water (bathing, washing hands, dishes, etc.). Massaging your hands with vegetable oil (olive, safflower and coconut oil) will trap moisture in the nail beds and cuticles, nourishing and repairing the damage.
  • Trim away: Keep nails trimmed at a shorter length to avoid tears, cracks and peels. Not only are they unsightly, but also tears and cracks can be painful.
  • Take a Break: Take a break from nail polish every once and a while and let your fingernails breathe. This also gives you an opportunity to visibly make sure your nails are healthy and that nothing abnormal is going on under the festive guise of your favorite color!
  • Lighten the Load: Ease up on the amount of heavy chemicals placed directly onto the nail bed. When it comes to nail polish removers, acetone may do just the trick, but it also dries out the nail the fastest. 
  • Eat up: Include almonds, nut butters, cauliflower, mushrooms, cooked eggs, bananas and whole grains in your diet. These foods contain vitamin H—also known as Biotin—which is essential to healthy hair, skin and nails.


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