Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Old School Cleaning: Hydrogen Peroxide

Old School Cleaning: Hydrogen PeroxideLemons, vinegar, baking soda... our mothers were right, the best cleaners can be found in the kitchen pantry. The next time your home is due for a deep cleaning, reach for the natural alternative to bleach: hydrogen peroxide. It's mostly known as a cut and wound cleaner because of its (non-toxic) anti-bacterial, fungal, mold and mildew properties, but it also makes an excellent all-purpose cleaner! All you need is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3% should do), a spray nozzle and you're good to go!
What to use it on?
  • Stains: Spray directly on stain and allow to dry; repeat if stain is still visible. For blood stains, apply directly on stain and allow to sit for 1 minute. Rub, then rinse with cold water.
  • Tub and Tiles: Spray with a layer of hydrogen peroxide, followed by a layer of vinegar and scrub away!

Learn how to whip up a simple veggie wash when you read more!

Why We're Hooked
Jackie says: "I prefer wood to plastic, but know that the wood can be porous. After rinsing my wooden cutting boards, I pour hydrogen peroxide onto them. It kills any bacteria left behind from the food."

Tap The Well
Hydrogen peroxide works great alone, but also does wonders when combined with these other natural cleaners: lemon, baking soda, and vinegar.


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