Coconut Water Nature's Sport Drink

Mouth Watering

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It's been called “nature’s sports drink” and lauded for its ability to cure a hangover. Low in calories, fat and cholesterol and rich in electrolytes—what's not to like about coconut water?
Here are a few more reasons why you need to drink up:
  • Thirst Quencher: Any way you slice it, coconut water makes a refreshing drink to sip on a hot day or after a workout.
  • A Smarter Choice: The sugars in real coconut water are all-natural, making it a better choice than sugary fruit juice, sports drinks or soda.
  • Tried and True: Coconut water has been enjoyed as a drink and used therapeutically in many regions of the world for centuries.
  • More Bang for Your Buck: When you buy the whole coconut you get two treats in one: the water and the meat.  
  • The Perfect Smoothie Ingredient: Try coconut water as the base in your post-workout smoothie to lend a naturally sweet flavor


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