ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment

Now eyes can look up to 10 years younger.* Genics Eye Treatment with Youthgen™ Technology is designed to help skin cells act younger.** Undo up to 10 years form the look of your eyes.* Diminishes the appearance of fine wrinkles and fine crow’s-feet. Eye area feels re-energized and restores the look of youthful brilliance, remarkable smoothness, definition and elasticity.* Use AM and PM in place of your eye cream. .5 oz. net wt.

I love a great eye cream and am still on the search for the "one".I really do like Avon's new product line Genics.Alot.I love the creamy texture.No real smell.Now taking 10 years off well maybe someone who does'nt use eye creams and using it for the first time I can see it. But me I have been using them for most my life. My eyes do feel more hydrated and my makeup goes on really well  around the eye.I would wait a minute so the cream can absorb.Take your cream on your clean pinky finger and rub it warm and dot it on your eye for the best results.Heating it with your fingers can activate some of the ingredients(so I have been told).I have used it for a month and really like it.The price is not bad either.I would give this a 9.Between this cream and Clinique's All About Eyes Rich are my favorites so far.The price is 36 dollars and you can order it online or with a Rep.


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