Wham Bam Workout- Day 1

Wham Bam Workout - Free Fat Burning Workout

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If you’re serious about losing body fat, then you need serious workouts! Losing body fat is all about cranking up your BMR (basal metabolic rate). When you do so, you’ll burn more calories every day! These fat burning workouts are designed to blast your metabolic processes so as to supercharge your BMR.  This free bonus workout is a one two combination, a WHAM BAM that perfectly exemplifies what my method and Fat X 101 is all about, effective, practical and efficient. Check out the fat burning Wham Bam workout. Below the video we will go over some specifics.  

The Wham Bam features two rounds.  Round one is the WHAM!  It’s a simple HIIT (high intensity interval training) setup.  The first exercise (high intensity) is a burpee.  The second exercise (low intensity) is bouncing on the rebounder.  I use the Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder.  If you don’t have a rebounder, jump rope or jogging on a treadmill are adequate replacements.  

Quick Tip: If you’re a beginner, try the Basic Burpee (no push up).  If you’re advanced, try the Advanced Burpee (holding DB’s). 

Once you’re done with the WHAM, it’s time for the BAM! The Bam Round is and EDT (escalating density training) set up.  It’s a three exercise circuit.  The idea is to complete the circuit as many times as possible (AMTAP) in 10 minutes. The circuit starts with a basic DB Deadlift, then a basic DB Standing Press, and wraps with a basic Lunge.

Use moderate weight for this round.  You’re going for volume.  The first few times might seem easy, but the reps and total work really starts to add up and highly taxes your metabolic processes.  

Pro Tip:  Track your stats!  During the Wham Round, quickly write your Burpee reps down before getting on the rebounder. Durning the Bam Round, try using a tally system.  

If you’re looking to do an A/B set up (two Fat X 101 workouts a week), workouts that pair well with the Wham Bam are the Slam and SpinBreaking Fit, or Zombie Hunter


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