Bermuda Triangle Workout- Day 2

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I’ll go into some details on the Bermuda Triangle Workout below the video.  

The Bermuda Triangle Workout is composed of four, three minute rounds. The rest period between rounds should be between 1-2 minutes depending on your fitness level and your goals.  Just make sure you take note of what you choose and keep it consistent.  The Coach Rollie Method involves keeping track, or analytics of what you do within each workout.  These stats will help motivate you to do better next time you do the workout.  The more your workout numbers improve, the more your body will improve! 

Round one is pretty simple.  You’ll just be using a lateral shuffle exercise cone to cone in a triangular formation as fast as possible.  Each time you get to a cone counts as one rep.  You want to keep track of how many reps you completed during the round


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