Five Days of Egg Fast Keto Day 1

So I decided to try this egg fast to get into Keto one more time. Keto really does not work well with mel. All the dairy and break outs. This time organic all the way. I am going to sneak in greens for lunch. But here we go.

Egg Fast Menu Day 1

7:30am:  16 ounces coffee with 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter.  Put in the blender with a dash of cinnamon and a dash of pink himalayan salt. Blend until frothy.
egg diet menu
My Morning Latte!
Cooked my breakfast and made my lunch, both of which I carry to work with me in my insulated lunch bag.
Note: Salt is extremely important on the egg fast!  Use it liberally!  I choose Pink Himalayan salt because it is abundant in minerals.
10:00am: 3 egg omelette with  2ounces cream cheese and a squirt of sriracha sauce, salt
Egg diet menu plan
Cream Cheese Omelette with Sriracha
and pepper.  I used 1 tbsp butter for cooking in the pan. This is easily my favorite egg fast breakfast.  
12:00N 1 cheese string with 1 tbsp mayo for dipping.
Egg Fast Menu Plan
Eating my Egg Salad
2:00pm: 3 chopped eggs with 2 tbsp mayo, salt, pepper. I normally also like a sprinkle of smoked paprika on this but I couldn’t find it this morning!
At this point in the day I have had 6 eggs, 6 tbsp fat and 3 ounces cheese.  I like to stay under 4 ounces cheese in a day for best results and for sure a maximum of 6 ounces.
5:00pm: Waffles.  Yes, waffles!  🙂 Click here for the waffle instructions.  The waffles recipe normally equals 2 eggs and 2 ounces cheese.  But I whipped 1 tablespoon mayo into the batter so that I would not be short on my egg-fat ratio for the day and left out 1 ounce cream cheese.  I made a butter sauce with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp sugar free salted caramel syrup or sugar free maple, my indulgence. 🙂
I doubled the waffle recipe because I will be making a Wafflewich for dinner tomorrow.  You’ll see.
Total for the day:  8 Eggs, 8 tbsp fat and 4 ounces cheese.  And of course, throughout the day I am drinking water, 


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