Home Workout #41: Christmas Cardio & Abs Tabata

workout 41 christmas cardio and abs tabata
Stay LEAN this holiday season using my time-saving and effortless approaches to fat loss:
1. Intermittent Fasting and Flexible Dieting
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2. Quick Home HIIT Workouts
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Equipment Required:

Dr Sara Solomon Cross Speed Jump Rope Buddy Lee Jump Ropes

Always a Must!

Read my workout rules before you begin!

Drink your BCAAs!

Stay hydrated with water.

Video Workout

Keep this 4 minute circuit mega-INTENSE; otherwise, you are not going to benefit from Tabata. If you are in a rush, this is an ideal 4-minute workout to cram into your hectic morning schedule. Maximize fat-burning by doing this 4-minute workout fasted as soon as you wake up …  and stay fasted for at least 2 hours after the workout (you can drink your BCAAs). Set your timers for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.
  1. Exploding Star Jumps
  2. Burpee Push-Ups
  3. Jump Rope (high step)
  4. Starfish Plank
  5. Toe Taps (I used my medicine ball, but you can use a step, or even the side of a suitcase!)
  6. Knee Hugs
  7. Squat Jumps
  8. Reptile Push-Ups


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