MY REVIEW: NeeBooFit Resistance Bands


Product Description

  • About the Product:6 Different Resistance Levels - Other sets only have 3-5. Ours is the only complete set on Amazon!
    12"x2" Loop Bands - Most of the other bands are 10". 12" means more options while still a good fit!
    Carry Bag Included - So you can bring all 6 bands with you. Bag is high quality, not just mesh.
    Made of Eco-Friendly Natural Latex Rubber - Premium quality tested for strength and endurance.
    No Risk! Guaranteed For Life - Full satisfaction or we will give you a complete refund, no questions!
    Exercise Booklet Included - Also more exercises available online.
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I am always looking to challenge myself with my workouts. Confusing my body with weight,reps,equipment and running. These are new to me. I have not personally trained with them or trained someone else with them. Now I received a set of 4 like these but they were flimsy. So I did not dare to try to use them. These came in a set of 6. Sturdy heavy duty. I like them. Not only that this is going to be a different type of workout I am able to take them with me on my trips. Not all hotel fitness centers are the same either. Some only have cardio machines and some well they look like there was weights at one time by looking at the few dumbbells that are hanging around. 
They come in a nice cloth bag to store. You can find the exercises online and You Tube. 

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Here is a site to check out to find some great exercises to do with them:

Check out their website here:


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