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I am so excited to talk about this next line I was able to try for my review. I love probiotics. I love it in my food. But in my skincare? YES! And from a local company from the same state I am from where it is created. Even better!  So I got the Probiotic Sleep Masque first and just loved what it did for my skin. It was plump and moist the next morning. A great break from the glycolic treatments I have been using nightly for the last several months. The ingredients are plant stem cells and peptides and other beautiful ingredients. Than I was blessed to get the Probiotic Facial CleanserProbiotic Facial MasqueProbiotic Facial Moisturizer, and the Probiotic Shampoo. All green and organic!
Ongaro Beauty products are formulated with (3) breakthrough active ingredients, and the active ingredients are the key to producing results that you can see and feel.
✓ Probiotics Technology✓ Plant Stem Cells✓ Peptides
In addition to these active ingredients we use Organic Aloe Vera as the base ingredient in each product. Aloe has proven to be the miracle gel when it comes to skin care and acts as the best delivery system for the active ingredients.
• No Sulfates
• No Petrolatum
• No Mineral Oil
• No Parabens
• No Gluten
Probiotic Shampoo 12oz
I have to admit I have never used a probiotic shampoo with peptides or any other great ingredients it has. I am just beginning to let go of my BAD skincare and slowly weeding out my makeup. All to be vegan,healthy and green. And my hair care has always been Organix and Herbal Essences. And I love EVA NYC. So I have been on the right pa th here. The shampoo to me has a piney smell to it. Very fresh and clean. My hair loved it. It was like it had a condtioner in it. I wish I had the conditioner. Holy smoly. This was a beautiful shampoo.
What it is:Our color-safe daily use shampoo contains chamomile, green tea and shea butter. It helps repair damage and prevents breakage leaving hair healthier and more manageable.
Probiotic Facial Cleanser 6oz
I love a big bottle of cleanser. Because I double cleanse and than cleanse in the morning I need a lot. But this cleanser you only need a dime. Really. A small amount. Again this has like a citrus smell to me. My face felt clean. Even when I used a toner no makeup residue. Love that.  And the peptides,aloe,apple stem cell and probiotics is in all their products. And these are some powerhouse ingredients.
What it is:Probiotic Facial Cleanser is a luxurious gel face wash designed to remove impurities and make-up while nourishing the skin with its certified organic aloe vera base and three active ingredients.
Probiotic Facial Masque 4oz
This masque is orange!! A tingly mask. I have to say I love it just as much as my DIY masks. You feel this one working. I left it on 20 minutes. I do this one 2x a week. Their  advanced facial masque gently exfoliates, cleanses, and minimizes pores without drying your skin. What not to love about that?
What it Does:
  • Reduces inflammation, detoxifies and purifies your skin.
  • Contains Brazilian Red Clay that helps improve circulation.
  • Can be used 3-4 nights per week and is suitable for all skin types and ages.

Probiotic Facial Moisturizer 2oz
Last but not least the moisturizer. Now they have a serum and a hair masque that I would love to get my hands on to. Because wearing a full line is always synergistic and does even better for your skin. But I have to say I am using Zosia Beauty Power Boost Serum with this line and it is working beautifully! To me a good serum does work well with any  line. I use this moisturizer only in the morning. Because at night I do do a glycolic or a Retin A treatment. I have incorporated their Sleep Masque a few times a week and love it.  The cream is airy and whipped like. Clean smell. Citrus smell to me.
What it is:
Our luxurious moisturizer is an advanced light-weight and non-greasy formula that nourishes the skin while promoting cell regeneration.
What it Does:
  • Helps plump and hydrate your skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • For daily use and suitable for all skin types and ages.

I love this line. I love that it is from Austin, Texas. It is organic. It is green. It is beautiful. Another favorite. Yes their is non favorites but I only do a few of those reviews. And usually spew about it on Instagram. LOL! So below I will link you to their social media and here is a code you can use at check out for 15% off. Go take this deal. You will thank me when you begin treating your skin and hair with these amazing products.
INSTAGRAM:  @ongarobeauty
FACEBOOK:  Ongaro Beauty

Ok, beauties! Go give them some love. We all need good skin and it starts with what we eat and the products we put on our skin!
~Tiffany ♥


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