Asian Hot Pot Breakfast


All you need is, well... a pot
Broth (beef, chicken, vegetable, miso...)
Miscellaneous veggies
and whatever seasonings you like
Put everything together in the pot EXCEPT the egg.
Bring to a very low simmer(Do not boil)
Simmer till your veggies are to your liking
To add the egg:  Crack the egg in to a small ramekin, then be sure the broth is at a low simmer with almost no movement.  Slowly lower the ramekin into the broth (you may need to move some veggies aside) and carefully slide the egg into the broth.  Gently poach the egg in the broth the way you like it.  I like my yoke a bit runny.  When you eat it this way the yoke will break into the broth making it very tasty and creamy.



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