Tea 101: Dessert Teas

Cuppa Chocolate® Teas

Indulge your craving for decadence with The Republic of Tea's Cuppa Chocolate Teas. Reward yourself with the flavors of chocolate-covered strawberries, peppermint chocolate candies and rich slices of cake — all with zero calories.
Our selection of these naturally sweet Cuppa Chocolate Teas includes combinations that range from caffeine-free tropical essence of ripe banana to classic red velvet cake, finished with the rich flavor of chocolate and rooibos.

Vanilla Teas

The exotic vanilla bean adds a decadent twist to many of our teas, sending them soaring to the realm of dessert. Explore this sumptuous combination with our Vanilla Almond Sweeten the Mind Tea, a black tea with the smoothness of Madagascar vanilla beans and notes of nutty almond. Alternatively, try our fragrant, flavorful Vanilla Coconut 100% White Tea, consisting of coconut from the seaside of Wenchang, China, combined with the intoxicating floral bouquet and natural sweetness of vanilla beans.

Honey Teas

Honey adds a delicious and subtly sweet character to fine teas. The Republic of Tea's Apricot Honey Tea combines the juicy nectar of ripe apricots with sweet honey in a base of organic, Fair Trade Certified Rooibos. The result is a sublime, healthy, caffeine-free brew with fruity top notes and caramel undertones, offering a uniquely peaceful sipping experience. This honey-sweetened tea will have you ready for the demands of the week, providing energy and a clear mind.

Mint Teas

Mint comes in many refreshing varieties, such as crisp peppermint and bright spearmint from the Pacific Northwest. When sipped as part of a tea or herb blend, it is often favored for its ability to lift the spirit and inspire the mind. Try our Orange Ginger Mint After-Meal Herb Tea, a lusciously fruity cup incorporating ginger and orange bergamot mint. Ginger is spicy on the tongue, yet soothing to the digestive system, while mint has the power to calm a stormy stomach with sweetness.

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