10 Uses for Beeswax

1. Lip balm
Combined with some soft, liquid, and brittle oils, beeswax makes a brilliant lip balm. Learn how here.
2. Wood polish
A one to one mixture of melted beeswax and olive oil makes a great polish for wooden furniture or cutting boards. Rub it on, let it soak in overnight, and then buff it off.
3. Lotion
Beeswax is what makes lotion thick. Learn to make it here.

4. Body Butter
Beeswax does a great job of thickening body butter so you don’t accidentally apply too much. Learn how here.
5. Drawer & window lubrication
A thin coating of beeswax will keep old wooden drawers and windows sliding nicely.
7. Candles
I’ve never made candles, but I know beeswax makes great ones.
8. Bookbinding Thread
Coating a length of thick thread with beeswax strengthens it and adds enough glide to make great bookbinding twine. You can also coat sewing thread with beeswax.
9. Moustache Wax
So there’s no way I’m not mentioning this one! Melt some beeswax at about a three to one ratio with a liquid oil to make yourself some stylin’ goo for your ‘stache.
10. Massage bars
These great bars melt right at body temperature and smell divine. Melt together equal parts cocoa butter, beeswax, and liquid oil of some variety. Pour into a mold. I like measuring cups.


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