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Inspired Living: Using Essential Oils to Boost Mood, Enhance Performance
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Written by Danna Norek of Aura Sensory   
     Today I’d like to talk to you about using essential oils in different ways to boost your mood, intensify concentration, and overall enhance your olfactory experience.  Essential oils can do this without inhaling the toxic chemicals used to make most other airborne scents and “environment enhancers” like air fresheners, candles, incense oils and more.

     I was reminded of the power of natural aroma the other day when I stepped outside to our magnolia tree in full bloom.  The tree is huge, so the blooms filled the air with a pungent sweet fragrance. That, combined with the warm and slightly humid air instantly invigorated me.

     It also transported me back to my youth and brought on feelings of nostalgia from my youth and smelling the warm scent of lilacs and magnolia in the spring time.  Scent is very powerful that way. It can transport you to the past, inspire you for the future, and remind you of a person, place or situation.

     One of my favorite ways to instantly recharge and have a pleasant aroma surrounding me all day long is by making my own little wrist and neck spray with essential oils.  I combine Orange oil, which is uplifting and bright, Juniperus mexicana (also known as Cedarwood) for a nice woodsy touch of warmth, Clary Sage and African Chamomile.

    It lasts for about 4-5 hours, is all natural, and I can sniff it any time I like for an instant pick me up. Unlike chemical perfumes, the scent doesn’t turn “rancid” and sour on my skin after a few hours; it just mellows out and still smells wonderful – just fainter.

     Lemongrass is another essential oil I’ve found to be energizing and uplifting.  Just inhaling its crisp, astringent scent gets my mind revved and my senses awakened. I like to add this to my shampoo for a nice boost in the shower when I’m washing my hair.

     I also use it as part of a room spray that I will occasionally spray in the summer time, combined with other citrus oils like lime, grapefruit and bergamot.  Bergamot is a wonderful scent.

     To make a room spray, I combine distilled water, some perfumer’s alcohol (which has no strong medical smell like rubbing alcohol), and the oils.  I make it in small batches since not much is needed to pleasantly scent an area.  This also keeps the ingredients fresh and potent.

     I’ve found that by surrounding myself with uplifting natural scents, it not only improves my mood, but it helps me concentrate on big projects or other ambitions.  It can really help me to brainstorm and think in a positive way, so it really does influence my outlook and my productivity.

     Studies have shown that simply inhaling the essential oil of lavender has identifiably effects on the brain. It helps relax the mind and even boosts the brain waves that signal a good mood.  Lavender is mostly known as a relaxing oil, but it also reduces stress and creates feelings of calmness and well-being.

     As you can see, essential oils can have powerful effects on human emotion. They can really recharge your mind and invigorate the senses. They can even alter your mood.  It just goes to show how powerful our olfactory senses are when it comes to enhancing our life experience.


Danna Norek is the Owner and Formulator of Aura Sensory, and is now writing the Inspired Living Column here at the ANB Mall.
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