Mango/Basil Water

Day Spa Mango and Basil Water- 0 calories

I love Basil and use it in everything, it was just a matter of time before I put this delicious, natural anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic herb into my water. Along with an overly sweet fruit like a mango this water is well balanced and delicious.

Mangos aid in digestion, boost your memory and increases your sex drive! Do I have your attention now? Try this out, besides being incredibly good for you, it is delicious and will help you drink more water.
Makes one big pitcher of water, can be refilled 4-6 times before replacing fruit and herbs-

1 Large Ripe Mango
Large handful of Basil- about 8 large leafs

In a large clean pitcher rip the basil in half (always rip basil, never use a knife it will brown the herb) and toss in, slice the mango into large chunks and toss in. Cover the fruit and herbs with ice and then add water, place in the fridge for at least an hour before serving for maximum deliciousness. I drank this all evening, about 3 re-fills, and then left in fridge overnight, it was so yummy the next morning.


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