Haring B Detox Mouthwash (I love it)

One of the most intriguing and cleansing mouthwash I have ever used.

Did you know that your mouth contains over 300 different strains of bacteria?

Streptococcus Mutans (s.mutans). S.mutans is the main culprit for cavities, plaque, tooth decay and plain old nasty bad breath and even those of us with the best brushing and flossing routines aren’t protected! Brushing your teeth only reaches about 25% of your mouth, meaning the bacteria can hide out and cause plaque build up in those hard to reach places.

A poor diet can also contribute to a build-up of bacteria, as they love to not only feed on sugar but they also use it to help stick to the tooth enamel - which is how plaque is formed. The metabolism of sucrose (sugar) by the bacteria creates lactic acid, which leads to an acidic environment in the mouth, which in turn causes tooth decay.

I used it in the morning and evening. The flavor is differentt. The more you use it the more it is effective on killing germs. When you spit out the mouthwash you can see the gathering of germs that iscored by the mouthwash . I have been using it long enlugh thst I spit clear. Such an amaxing product. It is a peach flavor. I love the ingredients. Amazing. I got this free for my review. I love it. I recommend it. You can buy 1 get 1 free on their site.


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