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Magnesium Benefits: Clear skin, Muscle aches and Much More.

Coconut, squalanerosehip, argan—the list of wonder oils in wellness seems to be everlasting. These are oils that I use daily. There’s one more that should be on your radar if it’s not already: magnesium oil. Magnesium has been lauded as a wonder element, and it’s easy to see why since the mineral is formed from the explosion of stars.

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What is magnesium oil?

While it seems hard to top magnesium’s otherworldly creation, it can be overshadowed by its unparalleled role in many biological processes of the human body. In fact, the interaction between phosphate and magnesium ions make this mineral essential to the functioning of all cells in all living organisms. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions that contribute to healthy metabolic and immune functioning. Additionally, magnesium is critical for healthy bone development, and its deficiency has been linked to osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.
You might be asking yourself why magnesium seems to be cropping up everywhere. It’s because magnesium deficiency, known medically as hypomagnesemia, is pretty common. In fact, magnesium deficiency is conservatively estimated to affect 20 to 40 percent of the general population. The reason? Low dietary intake coupled with over-farmed soil chock-full of pesticides, lack of sleep, constant stress, and too much alcohol, caffeine, and sugar consumption.
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Despite the fact that this condition often flies under the radar, some health experts believe that magnesium deficiency is one of the largest and most under-addressed health problems. The symptoms vary from person to person and can range from general anxiety to restless leg. So be sure to ask your doctor if your magnesium levels are normal because it may be the root cause of any neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and metabolic dysfunction. I have been taking magnesium for decades. Not knowing the benefits it has. Plus it really helps if you have a few digestive issues with your colon.

Though it’s an ancient mineral that we’ve relied on since the beginning of time, science is just starting to uncover the multitude of ways that atomic No. 12(magnesium) can support modern well-being. Since many people are magnesium deficient, it’s often beneficial to integrate this mineral into your diet and self-care routine. Not only is magnesium oil a nice bathroom cupboard addition for those who need better balance within the body, but it is also a go-to for those who have chronic pain, insomnia, painful period cramps, and migraines and bathroom issues.
~Tiffany ♥♥


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