Shrimp,Cabbage and Asparagus Stir Fry

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 10 medium shrimps cut in half cooked
1/4 cabbage cut in strips and in chunks
1/4 leek,cleaned cut in half and sliced thin
fresh ginger,sliver smashed and minced
garlic clove cut and minced
1 T tamari
half a lime , juiced


Take coconut oil about a tablespoon. Heat it up in a pan add asparagus for a few minutes than add the leeks and cabbage stirfry for at least 5 minutes. Than add the ginger and garlic. Give it a good stir. Than add tamari..Add the shrimp and lime juice..Stir till shrimp is warmed through..Pour it in a bowl with cilantro and rooster sauce..Enjoy!! Serves one big bowl or 2 small..

I made this just from the leftovers in my refridge..I had to use the veggies and I did not want to juice or make soup. It still is way to hot here in Texas for a lot of soup making. So this was easy and really good. Some of the best recipes come from



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