Micellar Water

InstaNatural Micellar Water - Gentle Nonrinse Facial Cleansing & Simple Makeup Remover - Natural Skin Care Solution for Sensitive Skin - Fast Daily Hydration - Great for Post Gym Use & Travel - 8 OZ

Micellar water has generated quite the buzz in the world of facecleansers and makeup removers. In fact, this century old cure-all has many people (including myself) has gotten away from the harsh makeup removers and use this as part of their double cleansing method.  This magical water cleanses and moisturizes!  And their is no rinsing required. It is suited for all skin types,

♦   Micellar water is made of micelles, which are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water that dissolve dirt,sweat,oil and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural moisture barrier.
♦   It is a natural, gentle and soap and alcohol-free option that is ideal for sensitive skin, especially around your eye.  I tend to use it only on my eyes and lips.
♦   In addition to its deep-cleansing properties, it is extremely easy to use on the go since it requires no rinsing. It has been a blessing on my travels. Especially places I have been where you cannot use the water. Ugh!!
♦   Micellular water will not leave your skin greasy or film like most cleansers do.  Plus their are different formulas for waterproof, normal and sensitive.
♦   To use, pour a generous amount onto a absorbant cotton pad and gently wipe your face and eyes.  Leaving your skin very hydrated.
♦   Micellar water helps keep your skin clear naturally by removing sebum and other impurities that lead to breakouts.
♦   Those of you with oily skin may not feel like it's cleansing your skin enough, so its best to supplement with our oily skin with your face wash after. Like double cleansing.
♦   As with all beauty products, be sure to read the labels, as not all formulas are the same. Some of my favorites are: Instanatural Micellar Water   and Garnier Micellar Water


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