Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

Mistake #1: You're Not Blurring Your Face

Makeup can settle into wrinkles and make them look worse. Beginning with a flawless base stops creasing before it starts. Unlike regular primers, blurring formulas soften and hide fine lines for a more youthful-looking finish.
Lumene Bright Now Blur Line & Pore Minimizer($20)
When worn alone, this lightly scented primer minimizes pore size and leaves skin feeling smooth without any greasiness. When paired with foundation, the formula enhances the look of makeup and makes application a breeze.

Mistake #2: You're Using The Wrong Foundation

Powder makeup can dehydrate and give skin an unnatural texture—not to mention accentuate crow's-feet, frown lines and wrinkles. Instead, use cream products that keep skin looking dewy and hydrated. I have tried a many samples in the last few months. I really love the new La Mer and Nars and Chanel. But find a great one that is not so matte.

Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation NARS ($49)

Mistake #3: You're Applying Foundation Wrong

Foundation brushes can be difficult to use—how many times have you tried buffing out streaks only to make them worse? Instead, use a damp makeup sponge to pat on your foundation. The result will be an airbrushed finish with a dewy, youthful glow. Now I am not a fan of a blender.  Bacteria central. But If you do brushes a great foundation brush is amazing. Stipple it in. Or a sonic foundation brush is even better. I have not yet purhcased one but it is on my Christmas list.
Image result for Real Techniques Stippling Brush


Mistake #4: You're Highlighting Your Dark Circles

The older we get, the harder it is for our dark circles to go away naturally. Instead of trying to mask the problem with an overly light concealer, find one in the same shade as your foundation. You want to hide, not highlight.

Secret Concealer Laura Mercier $27

Mistake #5: You're Not Accentuating Your Crease

If your eyes don't seem as bright and wide as they once did, try a little bit of chocolate brown shadow. Work it into your crease to create the illusion of bigger eyes. I love this shadow stick from Bobby Brown but you can use any brown shadow of your liking.

Bobbi Brown Longwear Eyeshadow Stick ($30), Sephora

Mistake #6: You're Making Your Lips Look Small

A deep shade of lipstick gives the illusion of thinner lips, which, in turn, ages you. Choose rosy pinks and raspberry shades to help define while adding a youthful flush. If you like a dark hue for an evening out, go for a glossy finish.

Le Rouge Lipstick in Beige Plume Givenchy $36

Mistake #7: You're Not Rehydrating Your Skin

Makeup has a way of dehydrating skin, accentuating pores and highlighting fine lines and wrinkles. Keep a face mist in arm's reach for a midday refresh—the more hydrated your skin, the plumper it looks. There are so many hydrating sprays and spritzes out there I would go to Sephora or Ulta to sample and find the one right for you. Even most of your high end department store brands carry a hydrating spray. I am loving Caudalie, lately!!

Beauty Elixir CAUDALIE $49

Even if you are in your 20's,30's or older it matters on what you put on your skin and how you apply. We all want great refreshing and glowing skin at any age. And the wrong colors or products can make your makeup beautiful or horrible.  Let me know in the comments what great tips you have with applying makeup or colors to make your features stand out! Have a blessed day and Happy Thanksgiving!
~Tiffany ♥♥


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