Spring Makeup Products We Can't Wait For

Sorry, oxblood lipstick. We’ve had a great run these past few months, but it might be time for us to part ways for a while and maybe see other people, er, makeup products. As much as we love all the moody makeup shades and products that graced our faces in the winter months, we’re ready for a change. Now that spring is knocking on our door, we’re switching up our beauty arsenals with bright and beautiful items. Check out the products that we’ll be working (and wearing) to the bone this spring!
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We all know that neon makeup and spring go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not give in to the basic laws of nature? Start by ditching your go-to black liner for a bit and pick up one of these vibrant-colored liners that will make your peepers something to be seen!

Glossy, spring lips may be a staple, but hot, matte lips are the trend. So, get on it by picking up one of these high-pigment shades that really pile on the color.

It’s the year of dewy, flawless skin so this revolutionary product couldn’t have hit the shelves at a better time. Featuring a bi-phase formula, this foundation delivers an instant glow, while nourishing the skin with a blend of oils.

While we’re on the subject of perfect-looking skin, let’s throw another pretty promoter at ya! Featuring a collage of shades, this tone-correcting palette from YSL is designed to even out your skin tone and leave it looking glowing and lovely.

Our fave blush collection known for its high-octane shades just got better. Now including new exclusive shades (like this pretty rosy shade), this line is doing its part in keeping your cheeks in tip-top shape for spring. Now, all you have to worry about is blending that blush!

We love a good twofer, so this lip and cheek product is the stuff of makeup dreams. Designed with an easy-to-use, roll-up applicator, this color stick is perfect for on-the-go makeup touchups and could be your makeup bag’s new BFF.


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