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I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard anyone say, “How did you get such a gorgeous, dull skin tone?” or, “Your face looks so ashy today -- that’s hot!” This is because a healthy-looking skin tone is always on-trend and, let’s face it, everyone can use a little glow and warmth in their life. On set, I apply it on practically every client, men included. Depending on your face shape, strategic placement of bronzer is key to creating the perfect glow and enhancing your complexion. Check out these easy-yet-essential tips on where to apply bronzer, according to your face shape.

Bronzer Rule of Thumb

The basic rule I follow when applying bronzer is focusing on the areas of the face on which the sun would naturally touch: forehead, bridge of the nose and cheekbones. You can also add a bit of color to your collarbones and décolleté, if those areas are exposed. No need to go crazy with the bronzer,  just a soft dusting will do.

Oval Face Shape

Apply your bronzer to the top of the forehead, along the hairline. Also sweep it along the cheeks (not the hollows, unless you want a more contoured look). You can also dust along the bridge of the nose gently, just don’t overdo it.

Heart Face Shape

Similar to that of an oval, bronzer application should hit the top of the forehead and cheeks. But this time, use more product along the hairline and temple area. And, don’t forget to touch the chin as well! You want to accentuate your natural angles!

Round Face Shape

To slim a round face, try applying the bronzer along the cheekbones, downward toward the jaw so it creates a soft shadow that slims the face. Make sure to blend well so it’s natural and an extreme contoured look.

Rectangular Face Shape

With a rectangular face shape, try sweeping your bronzer along the middle of the forehead, and along the middle of the cheeks (right between the hollows and the top of the cheekbones).

Square Face Shape

Apply your bronzer along the forehead and cheeks (as you did above), but use a more curved method, so as to soften the corners of your face.


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