A Genius Trick for Applying Foundation Perfectly

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So you’ve finally found the right foundation shade in a finish that you adore. Your next beauty challenge? Figuring out how to apply said foundation perfectly, which is easier said than done. But this genius trick from Avon celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan–the genius behind Reese Witherspoon’s perfect complexion—will help you get that perfectly natural, glowy look that we’re all after.
It turns out the trick is in the tools. Instead of using a foundation brush, a sponge or even her fingers, Deenihan reaches for a blush brush. That’s right: a blush brush plus your favorite foundation equals gorgeous skin—in real life and in photos.
But Kelsey doesn’t stop there: the way she applies the foundation is revolutionary, too. “I grew up oil painting, so I buff it in circles,” she says. “The whole thing is circle motions for me.”
Deenihan says that this works because it totally eliminates any lines of demarcation, leaving you with a perfect, natural finish. She applies foundation to the center of the face, then works her way out in circles. She says that by the time you get to your chin, you won’t have a ton of product left over to blend in—thus, no annoying (and rather noticeable) lines.
“I buff it into the skin in a little circular motion, rather than using a foundation brush and painting up and down. If you do that, you can leave lines,” she says. “Especially because most foundation brushes are synthetic, you literally see the lines. And then you go back in and you’re pressing something like powder over it, and that’s pushing it into the skin.”
She says that her approach will help create a thin veil of product over the skin. Deenihan also tells us she uses this technique with cream blush, too. “Do everything in circular motions, always!” she tells us.
And if that doesn’t excite you, just think…at the very least, you’ll have one less brush to wash.

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