4 Ways to Make Your Skin Glow

There's something to be said for the warmer, summer months and what it does to our skin. Freckles come out, everyone starts wearing less makeup and trying to maintain luminosity can sometimes be ruined by plain, old sweat. Glowing skin is usually a non-negotiable for beautiful makeup, but the key is making it look luminous, not greasy. Here are my tips for how to achieve a perfectly dewy complexion with makeup … and keep it that way all day!
How to Make Skin Glow

1. Illuminating Primer

Using a highlighting primer will give you a glowing, pre-foundation base that lends a soft shimmer to the skin without too much shine. Primers that have luminous qualities such as light-reflecting pigments help even out skin tone and redness, too.

2. Cream Blush

Cream-based blush gives a healthy flush to the cheeks and can cast a soft glow on the skin as opposed to powder blushes which typically leave a matte finish. This is a great way to maintain a healthy glow throughout the day without having cakey texture on the skin.

3. Highlighter

Add a pop of highlighter on the top of the cheek and under the brow bone to lend a soft shimmer that doesn't look frosty and unnatural. A cream highlighter is best applied with your fingers, while a liquid highlighter should be applied with a foundation brush, using gentle taps on the skin. 

4. Facial Sprays

Hydrated skin gives off a healthy, natural glow. Try spritzing your face with a facial spray infused with essential oils and/or floral water to keep your skin dewy and fresh all day. The spray won't mess up your makeup and it gives you the perfect blend of hydration and luminous skin. Yes please!


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