Fish Sliders

tilapia sliders

1 4oz Kingfish filet or any white flesh fish. Or even salmon!!
1 cup Broccoli (steamed)
Mrs Dash and Pepper
Onion,minced 1T
Cilantro, small amount
Place the following in a food processor:
fish,steamed broccoli,onion,1/2 lime juiced,cilantro and seasons.
Form into patties and grill with a small amount of ghee or coconut oil. Cook 10 minutes. 5 minutes each side.

Nutritional Information

->for 1 serving of sliders: (4 oz of tilapia and 1 cup  of broccoli florets):
Depending upon the size of your sliders, 1 serving size will be approximately 4-5 sliders (I recommend you weigh your food to ensure your portions are correct)
  • Calories: 113, fat: 1 g, saturated fat: 0.5g, cholesterol: 55mg, sodium: 60 mg, carbohydrate: 3g, fibre: 2 g, sugar: 1 g, protein: 23 g


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