Amazing Fat Burning Circuit Workouts

Amazing Fat Burning Workouts Women Can Do At Home

fat burning workout at home for women
We all love a good fat burning workout that can be done right at home. For me personally, at home workouts are one of my favorite things to do. With just a few pieces of equipment and as little as 4 minutes, you can get one amazing workout in.
With that in mind, the workouts you will find below were written specifically for women who want to workout at home. They involve exercises that will tone the butt, legs, arms, and abs and will help burn tons of fat in the process. Now sure, men can partake in these workouts but from testing them on a wide range of clients, it is women who seem to enjoy them more!
Below are three different fat burning workouts for women that are designed to be done right at home:
Workout 1: Full Body
Complete 30 seconds of each exercise, then move to the next exercise with no rest. After each full circuit, rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. Once you finish 3 rounds of the first circuit, move to the next!
Circuit 1: 
Push-Ups: 30 seconds
Hip Raises: 30 seconds
Squat Jumps: 30 seconds
Single Leg Hip Raise: 30 seconds each leg
Spider Climbs: 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times!
Circuit 2:
Push-Ups: 30 seconds
Duck Under Lunges: 30 seconds
Single Leg Touch Downs: 30 seconds each leg
X-Body Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds
Shuffles in Place: 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times!
Circuit 3:
Push-Ups: 30 seconds
Lateral Lunges: 30 seconds
Lateral Hip Raise: 30 seconds each side
Squat to Squat Jump: 30 seconds
Burpees: 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times!
Workout 2: 4 Minute Burpee Finisher
One of my favorite workouts to do because of it simplicity and high intensity. For this workout, all you will do is perform as many burpees as you can in 4 minutes. For more advanced participants, perform a push-up and squat jump on each repetition.
Workout 3:
Move from one exercise to the next resting 15 seconds in between exercises. Rest 30 seconds between full rounds and repeat 3 times!
Incline Push-Ups: 30 seconds
Side Planks: 30 seconds each side
Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds
Bench Dips: 30 seconds
Hop Backs: 30 seconds
Alternating Back Lunges: 30 seconds
Burpees: 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds after the full round and repeat 3 times!
There you have it, three amazing fat burning workouts for women at home. Each of these workouts is designed to get you into incredible shape and get you toned up for whatever life throws your way (ie. beach season, wedding, spring break, etc.)


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