Are You Happy?

6 Steps to Ultimate Happiness

I love hearing from readers. I read each and every note I receive with great joy. Thank you for writing to me. I apologize for not being able to personally respond to each of them personally, but please continue to send your questions and comments as they provide me with information to write out further dialogue. One note I received wrote upon ultimate happiness

“Does yoga and meditation bring ultimate happiness?” they asked. A valid question, a great question. So I asked myself, “Well, does it? Does yoga and meditation bring ultimate happiness?” For me, yes. For you, maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on the person. So what is it then? What brings ultimate happiness?

The #1 rule for a life rich with joy and happiness is to make your heart happy. As much as the rational mind would like to interfere and interject with it’s reasoning and chatter, do as many things as possible to nurture and plant seeds of joy into the heart space.
2. Go with Feeling rather than Thinking

Living in a western world, our culture is inundated with images, information, data, and so called facts that we’re fed to believe is what we need to be happy versus what it is we actually want. How much of your happiness is based upon what society says you need? How much of your happiness is based upon true facts of your heart’s deepest desires? How much noise from the outside world is diluted the potency of the call of your heart?
3. Asana. Yoga postures. 

If you’ve been through an hour of yoga postures (asana) non-stop, you know that feeling of opening the physical body in a way that you’re not used to. You’ll leave class feeling as some may describe as “yoga high”, “elated”, ‘blissed out”, “amazing” know, those types of words. When the body starts to release it’s toxins, on whatever level you start at—the body feels “better” because you’re clearing out the system of the junk, the rubbish, whatever you don’t need anymore. The science of yoga is one of the wisest systems around—as it respects and works with the innate intelligence of the human bodymind.
4. Meditation. 

Once the body gets cleared out to a certain level, the yearning and desire to move towards the mind becomes self-evident. The practitioner may feel a certain vibration of stagnancy as if standing upon a plateau. It’s time to bump your practice to the next level of rewiring the mind. With proper meditation, the body can and will heal it’s unconscious repetitive patterns to new, conscious, healthy, and vibrant patterns. This is not whimsical thinking; this is a technology to boost the optimal potential of the human body mind, and essentially your life. Every human has the right to be happy, has the right to be free, has the right to heal, has the right to realize their power. India’s just been hip to it longer than us Western folk. 4th century B.C. or something crazy like that. Count the years, the decades, and the millenniums to now, 2012. I mean, isn’t it obvious enough?
5. Through the spiritual is the only way to find ultimate happiness. 

And by spiritual I don’t mean in the way you’re projecting it to mean. By spiritual, I mean listening to your truest and loudest voice that is living inside of you. Your heart, your nervous system, your brain is the deepest part of you—your bodymind is working on it’s own whether your mind tells it to or not. Just think about that for a moment, feel into it. There’s an outside force operating “you” for you. But here’s the thing, what’s outside, is actually, really, inside.
6. Ultimate Happiness = honesty, love, light and truth. Truth with a capital “T.” 

Commit to living a life of ultimate happiness! We don’t have a lot of time. We are all going to expire, one day. Why settle for anything less than realizing your dreams? Yoga and meditation may not bring you ultimate happiness, but it may guide you into finding what is your ultimate happiness. The teachings of the yoga are designed to bring you in closer relationship to your Essence and most Pure Self. From there, you choose how to navigate.


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